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Metadata for NOAA/GLERL Michigan City, IN Met Station

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Data for Michigan City Meteorological Station:

LATITUDE:  41-43-43 N
LONGITUDE: 86-54-45 W
Site online: 12 Jun 2002, relocated to the lighthouse 31 Oct 2002

Special thanks to the men and women of the USCG Station Michigan City for their technical and
financial support of this project.

LOCATION: On the Michigan City harbor entrance lighthouse.
Site Elevation: 176.0 m above mean sea level
Anemometer Height: 21.3 m above site elevation
Air Temp Height: 18.3 m above site elevation
Rain Sensor: 18.0 m above site elevation
UV and PAR sensors: 19 m above site elevation
Barometer Height: 193.8 m above mean sea level

Wind Sensor:  R.M. Young model 5103 Wind monitor mounted on a 12 foot mast which is clamped
to the lighthouse deck railing.  Calibration date 4/2012

Temperature/RH  Sensor:  RM Young  41372VC temp/RH probe mounted in a naturally aspirated gill type
radiation shield co-located on the Wind Monitor mast.  Calibration date 4/2012

Rain Sensor:  Texas Electronics 525-WS tipping bucket rain gauge located ~5 feet above the
light deck level on a 8 foot mast located on the SSE side of the light.  This sensor is
obstructed on the NNW side.  The unit was serviced 9/2012 but is subject to frequent clogging.

UV Sensor:  Apogee Instruments SU-100 located on the top of an 8 foot mast located on the
SSE side of the light at approximately the edge of the light deck roof.  This sensor is
partly obstructed on the NNW side. New in Service 9/2012

PAR Sensor:  Apogee Instruments QSO-SQ110 co-located with the UV sensor above.  This sensor
is partly obstructed on the NNW side.  This is a hemispherical sensor.  New in service 9/2012

WebCam Image: See WebCam Details.

Processor:  CSI model CR1000.  This unit samples the sensors every 5 seconds and is set to
an averaging interval of 5 minutes.  For each 5-minute interval, a mean and max (gust) wind speed
are reported.  The peak wind is the max of all of the gusts during the hour.

The wind speed shown in the "18-Hour" table and in the "5-day" graph are from the 5-minute period
at the top of the hour.  The data listed in the link below the "18-Hour" table (today's 5-minute data)
and in the "3-hour" graph are every 5 minutes.

Power:  The system is run from a 66A/hr  gel cell pack which is maintained with with a 40 Watt
Kyocera PV panel.

Scheme:  The CR1000 is connected to a Blue Tree wireless BT4800 CDMA modem.  The system is interrogated
via the internet through the CSI Loggernet software.

Data Line for file yyyymmdd.07t.txt: The data line is space delimited and consists of the following
columns in order from left to right.

1:Station ID, Michigan City = 7
3:Day of Year
4:Time, UTC
5:Average air temperature, Deg C
6:Scaler average wind speed, m/s
7:Wind Speed maximum, m/s
8:Unit vector average wind direction, degrees from (0=north, 90=east)
9:Rainfall, mm per 5 minute interval, minimum resolution of 0.254 mm (added 5/19/05)
10:PAR, uE/m**2/s (added 5/19/05)
11:UV, uE/m**2/s (added 5/19/05)
12:Average station pressure, millibars
13:Average relative humidity, %

-99 = missing/bad data

Ron Muzzi
Marine Instrumentation Laboratory