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Huron to Erie Connecting Waterways Forecasting System (HECWFS) 
Under development using 3D FVCOM v3.1

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FORECAST Timestamp: 01/27/2015 (DOY 027) 12:00 GMT
These products are updated 2x per day at about 0220 and 1420 GMT
(subtract 4 for EDT, 5 for EST). Note: These simulations do not take ice cover into account.

Surface Currents:
Latest | +48 hr anim
Plot of Surface Currents
  Simulated Clinton R. Tracer:
Latest | +48 hr anim | KML+48 hr anim
Plot of Simulated Clinton R. Tracer
Forcing - NDFD Winds:
Plot of NDFD Winds
Forcing - GLCFS Water Levels:
GLCFS Water Levels
Water Levels:
Latest | +48 hr anim
Plot of Water Levels
  Water Level at NOS Gauges:
Plot of Water Level at NOS Gauges
  Water Level at NOS Gauges:
Latest | +48 hr anim
Plot of Water Level at NOS Gauges
New Wind Speed:
+48 hr anim
Plot of Wind Speeds
  New Water Temps:
+48 hr anim
Plot of Water Temp
  New Water Temps at
NDBC Site:
Plot of Water Temps

See also: St. Clair River & Detroit River Page

Grid Information: grid1 | grid2 | grid3 | grid4 (KML) GE icon
NOS Water Level Gauge Locations: jpg | KML GE icon

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