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All GLERL Publications:
Note: Although not all publications are available via our website, electronic copies may be available. Contact the publications office at
  • SMITH, J.P., R. MILLER, R.W. MUZZI, S.A. CONSTANT, K.S. BEADLE, D. PALLADINO, T.H. JOHENGEN, and S.A. RUBERG. An Implementation of a Database Management System for Real-Time Large-Lake Observations. Marine Technology Society Journal 51(6):5-9 (DOI:10.4031/MTSJ.51.6.2) (2017).
  • MUZZI, R.W., S.A. CONSTANT, and J.C. LANE. System power controller: A low power circuit board for the control and monitoring of subsystem power in data collection systems. NOAA Technical Memorandum GLERL-154. NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI, 17 pp. (2012).
  • RUBERG, S.A., E. Guasp, N. HAWLEY, R.W. MUZZI, S.B. BRANDT, H.A. VANDERPLOEG, J.C. LANE, T.C. MILLER, and S.A. CONSTANT. Societal benefits of the real-time coastal observation network (ReCON): Implications for municipal drinking water quality. Marine Technology Society Journal 42(3):103-109 (2008).
  • RUBERG, S.A., R.W. MUZZI, S.B. BRANDT, J.C. LANE, T.C. MILLER, J.J. Gray, S.A. CONSTANT, and E.J. Downing. A wireless internet-based observatory: The Real-time Coastal Observation Network (ReCON). Proceedings, Marine Technology Society/IEEE Oceans 2007 Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, September 30-October 5, 2007. 6 pp. (2007).
  • RUBERG, S.A., S.B. BRANDT, R.W. MUZZI, N. HAWLEY, T. Bridgeman, G.A. LESHKEVICH, J.C. LANE, and T.C. MILLER. A wireless real-time coastal observation network. EOS Transactions 88(28):285-286 (2007).
  • HAWLEY, N., and R. W. MUZZI. Observations of nepheloid layers made with an autonomous vertical profiler. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(1):124-133 (2003).
  • MUZZI, R. W., and B. J. EADIE. The design and performance of a sequencing sediment trap for lake research. Marine Technology Society Journal 36(2):23-28 (2002).
  • MILLER, G.S., R.W. MUZZI, J.E. DUNGAN, and J.H. SAYLOR. Technical Note. Adding LORAN-C position recording to a satellite-tracked drifter buoy. MTS Journal 23(3):36-38 (1989).
  • MUZZI, R.W., and G.S. MILLER. Improving satellite tracked drifter buoy resolution by using LORAN-C. Proceedings, Oceans '89, Seattle, WA, September 18-21, 1989. Marine Technology Society and the Oceanic Engineering Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 856-859 (1989).

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