Great Lakes Bathymetry and Shoreline Data

Great Lakes Bathymetric Data Map - Select for larger image

Great Lakes bathymetric data maps:

Gridded bathymetric data and digitized shorelines for the Great Lakes:

The bathymetric grids consist of an array containing the average lake depths in 2-km squares (1.2-km squares for Lake St. Clair). The digitized shorelines are lists of latitudes and longitudes for closed loops describing lake and island shorelines. Conversion equations for map-to-geographical and geographical-to-map coordinate transformations for all bathymetric grids, as well as the format of the above data is described in the following NOAA technical memo:

Computerized Bathymetry and Shorelines of the Great Lakes
NOAA Data Report ERL GLERL-16

Digitized shorelines (Column-formatted) for the Great Lakes:

NOAA Coastal Services Center creates and maintains the shoreline data for the U.S. You can find an approximately 1:70,000 scale shoreline of the Great Lakes in the data download package here: (

NCEI Great Lakes Bathymetry:

More information on Great Lakes bathymetry data:

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