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For the data download portal, we provide access to the same source of data sets that the dashboard reads from to display. This is to provide a level of quality assurance. Additionally, we provide a link to the original source of data if possible.

While we attempt to keep all data here up to date, there may be discrepencies between the original source of data and what we have here. This is especially true of the research based hydrological input/output data, for example, as that data is updated manually, once a year, and intermittently throughout the year as technical issues are discovered. We will do our best to maintain the data here and keep it fresh, and appreciate your patience.

Each data file is named in a descriptive manner, which is described below:

[Lake abbreviation] = one of "superior", "miHuron", "clair", "erie", or "ontario" unless otherwise specified.

Please note (2016/01/05): the data provided and linked to here are the only datasets vetted for display on the dashboard products by NOAA-GLERL and CILER.