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Ice cover data is provided below for years 2003 through 2017. For each year, three types of products are available: original ice charts from the National Ice Center (ASCII files), graphic images of ice maps (jpg files) and ArcGIS feature classes for GIS users (shapefiles). This data is organized by 'ice year' rather than calendar year. For example, ice year 2011 begins with files from December 2010 and ends with May 2011.

All of these products were developed according to the standards used for the Great Lakes Ice Atlas for 1973-2002, ensuring that this time series of ice data is internally consistent. Although the ice charts and graphic files for 2003-2005 were released previously (Assel, 2005), they are included here for consistency with the addition of GIS files. For more documentation on this data set, see Wang et al., 2012, and, Assel et al., 2013.

2003 - 2009 2010 - 2017
2003 2010
2004 2011
2005 2012
2006 2013
2007 2014
2008 2015
2009 2016

all grid files (2003-2017) (29.3 MB)

all feature classes (2003-2017) (2.76 GB)

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