Great Lakes Seminar Series

GLERL co-sponsors and coordinates the joint Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR)-GLERL Great Lakes Seminar Series, which brings in regional, national, and international researchers to talk about pertinent new and emerging scientific issues in the Great Lakes. These events facilitate collaborations between researchers, provide an educational opportunity for NOAA and university scientists, and serve as an outreach forum for stakeholders and the general public to attend. For more information about this seminar series, to be included on an email list, or to request a visit to Ann Arbor to present your research, please contact Mary Ogdahl, the CIGLR Program Manager.

A full listing of upcoming and past webinars is available on the CIGLR website: CIGLR-GLERL Great Lakes Seminar Series

All CIGLR-GLERL Great Lakes Seminars are recorded and available here.