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GLANSIS Search Portal

Non-indigenous Species List Generator and Species Profile Access

This search form allows you to search the GLANSIS database for documented nonindigenous and watchlist species. Results from each query come in the form of a sortable table and highlightable text that can be saved as a comma-delimited (CSV) file. The scope of this search is limited to the Great Lakes basin.

Map Explorer

This interactive map explorer allows you to search the USGS NAS database for documented nonindigenous species. Results from each query are georeferenced and are plotted on the map, where you may compare the spatial distribution of up to 3 species. You may also, per query, copy comma delimited forms of the results, plus tab delimited associated references. For further analysis, you may utilize map layers from the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Framework (GLAHF), including geomorphology, temperature, and upwelling. The scope of this search includes the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basins, as well as the entirety of states surrounding those basins.

Additional guidance on how to use these tools can be found here.