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Metadata for NOAA/GLERL Chicago, IL Met Station

Site online: 03 Aug 2000

LOCATION: On the Harrison-Dever Crib, approximately 2.75 miles offshore from the City of Chicago.

Site Elevation: 176.0 m above mean sea level
Anemometer Height: 25.9 m above site elevation
Air Temp Height: 22.9 m above site elevation

Wind Sensor: R.M. Young model 5103 Wind monitor

Temperature and RH sensor:

Temperature and RH sensor: R.M. Young model 41382VC. Installed in R.M. Young model 41002P multiplate radiation shield.

Note: Sensors were calibrated/serviced 3/06

Processor: CSI model CR10X. This units samples the sensors every second and is set to an averaging interval of 2 minutes.

The wind speed shown in the "18-Hour" table and in the "5-day" graph are from the 2-minute period at the top of the hour. The data listed in the link below the "18-Hour" table (today's 2-minute data) and in the "3-hour" graph are every 2 minutes.

Wind speed is the mean wind during the 2-minute recording period. Wind gust is the maximum wind during the same 2-minute recording period. Peak wind is max wind gust during entire hour.

Power: The system is run from a 12A/hr gel cell battery which is maintained with a Yuasa charger from the available AC line. This system will provide 5 days of operation should AC power fail.

WebCam Image: See WebCam Details.

Scheme: The CR10X is connected to a BlueTree Wireless CDMA RF modem. Functionally this system represents wireless IP. The system is interrogated by a PC from Ann Arbor running the CSI LoggerNet software.

Data Line for file yyyymmdd.04t.txt: The data line is space delimited and consists of the following columns in order from left to right.

1:Station ID, Chicago=4
3:Day of Year
4:Time, UTC
5:Average air temperature, Deg C
6:Scalar average wind speed, m/s
7:Wind Speed maximum, m/s
8:Unit vector average wind direction, degrees from (0=north, 90=east)
9:Average relative humidity, %

-99 = missing/bad data

Ron Muzzi
Marine Instrumentation Laboratory