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Metadata for NOAA/GLERL South Haven, MI Met Station

LATITUDE: 42-24-05 N (Approximate)
LONGITUDE: 86-17-20 W
Site online: 21 Sep 2004

LOCATION: On the South Haven light located on the end of the south harbor inlet pier.

Special thanks to the USCG 9th District and USCG ATON Group Muskegon for use of the navigation structure.

Site Elevation: 176.0 m above mean sea level
Anemometer Height: 16.8 m above site elevation
Air Temp Height: 13.7 m above site elevation

Wind Sensor: R.M. Young model 5103 Wind monitor mounted on the structure railing.

Temperature Sensor: CSI model 107 thermistor mounted in a naturally aspirated gill type radiation shield mounted on the anemometer mast.

WebCam Image: See WebCam Details.

Processor: CSI model CR10X. This units samples the sensors every 5 seconds and is set to an averaging interval of 2 minutes.

The wind speed shown in the "18-Hour" table and in the "5-day" graph are from the 2-minute period at the top of the hour. The data listed in the link below the "18-Hour" table (today's 2-minute data) and in the "3-hour" graph are every 2 minutes.

Wind speed is the mean wind during the 2-minute recording period. Wind gust is the maximum wind during the same 2-minute recording period. Peak wind is max wind gust during entire hour.

Power: The system is run from a 12A/hr gel cell battery which is charged from the AC line.

Scheme: The CR10X is connected to a Campbell Scientific COM 200 modem and a standard Motorola cellular analog "bag Phone" with an RJ-45 adapter. The system is interrogated by a PC from Ann Arbor running the CSI Logger Net software.

Data Line for file yyyymmdd.08t.txt: The data line is space delimited and consists of the following columns in order from left to right.

1:Station ID, South Haven=8
3:Day of Year
4:Time, UTC
5:Average air temperature, Deg C
6:Wind Speed average m/s
7:Wind Speed maximum, m/s
8:Wind Direction, average, degrees from (0=north, 90=east)

-99 = missing/bad data

Ron Muzzi
Marine Instrumentation Laboratory