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Metadata for NOAA/GLERL Thunder Bay Island Met Station

LATITUDE: 45-02-05 N
LONGITUDE: 83-11-39 W
Site online: 27 Sep 2012

Location: On observations and communications tower on Thunder Bay Island

Site Elevation: 175.9 m above mean sea level
Anemometer Height: 10.7 m above site elevation
Air Temp Height: 6.1 m above site elevation

The TBI met system is mounted on a 70' Rohn 25 tower located on the pier for the old CG station radio mast. Total height is 74'.

Data acquisition is handled by a CSI CR510 data logger. The instruments consist of a CSI 107 thermistor in a Gill shield (mounted at 20') and an RM Young 05103 Wind Monitor (mounted at 35') on the tower. The sensors are sampled every second.

Power is provided by a south facing Kyocera 40W solar panel which charges a 33A/hr gel cell battery, both of which are located at about the 5' level on the tower.

WebCam Image: See WebCam Details.

Communications is via an Airlink Raven X modem operating on the Verizon CDMA network. The antenna is a Larsen 3 db omnidirection antenna mounted at about the 30' level on the tower.

The data set consists of 2 minute data ensembles. Averaging and interrogation intervals and the system program are adjustable remotely.

Wind speed is the mean wind during the 2-minute recording period. Wind gust is the maximum wind during the same 2-minute recording period. Peak wind is max wind gust during entire hour.

Data Line for file yyyymmdd.10t.txt: The data line is space delimited and consists of the following columns in order from left to right.

1:Station ID, 10 (Thunder Bay Island)
3:Day of Year
4:Time, UTC
5:Average air temperature, Deg C
6:Wind Speed average m/s
7:Wind Speed maximum, m/s
8:Wind Direction, average, degrees from (0=north, 90=east)

-99 = missing/bad data

Ron Muzzi
Marine Instrumentation Laboratory