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Metadata for NOAA/GLERL Toledo Light #2 Met Station

LATITUDE: 41-49-32 N
LONGITUDE: 83-11-37 W
Site online: 31 Aug 2004

Location: On navigation light #2 on the approach to Toledo Harbor

All measurements are above site elevation and approximated based on the historic sensor locations. They are:

  • Site Elevation: 173.5 m above mean sea level
  • Air Temperature & RH (Vaisala HMP-155A): 14.3 m
  • Barometric Pressure (R.M. Young 61402V): 14.4 m
  • Rain Bucket (Texas Electronics TR-525USW): 14.2 m
  • Mechanical Anemometer (R.M. Young 5103): 14.9 m
  • 3D Sonic Anemometer (CSAT 3B): 14.3 m
  • Vapor Flux (KH20): 14.3 m
  • Pyranometer (Kipp & Zonen CMP3): 14.6 m
  • Surface Temp (Apogee SI-111SS): Mounted @ 14.5 m, collects infrared temperature of site elevation (0.0 m above)
  • Webcam (Axis M5525-E): 14.0 m

The following sensors are mounted on the lower level, and approximated using in-person images and some known measurements.

  • Net Radiation (Kipp & Zonen NR Lite 2): 9.0 m above elevation
  • Radiation (4 Components - Upper and Lower Shortwave and Longwave) (Kipp & Zonen CNR4): 9.0 m above elevation

Wind Sensor: R.M. Young model 05103 Wind monitor mounted on the top of the structure.

Temperature Sensor: CSI model 109 thermistor mounted in a naturally aspirated gill type radiation shield mounted on the anemometer mast.

Processor: CSI model CR 200. This units samples the sensors every 5 seconds and is set to an averaging interval of 2 minutes.

The wind speed shown in the "18-Hour" table and in the "5-day" graph are from the 5-minute period at the top of the hour. The data listed in the link below the "18-Hour" table (today's 2-minute data) and in the "3-hour" graph are every 2 minutes.

Wind speed is the mean wind during the 2-minute recording period. Wind gust is the maximum wind during the same 2-minute recording period. Peak wind is max wind gust during entire hour.

Power: The system is run from a 110A/hr gel cell battery bank which is maintained with a 120 watt Kyocera PV panel operating through a Morningstar solar regulator. The met system is part of a larger system intended for realtime environmental sensing which will eventually encompass a web cam and other sensors.

Web Cam: The webcam is a Toshiba model IK-WB15A. The camera is pointing southeast.

Scheme: The CR200 is connected through a port server to a UHF radio modem which communicates with a base station in the Toledo area. It is interrogated from Ann Arbor via the internet.

The data set consists of 2 minute data ensembles. Averaging and interrogation intervals and the system program are adjustable remotely.

Data Line for file yyyymmdd.12t.txt: The data line is space delimited and consists of the following columns in order from left to right.

1:Station ID, 12 (Toledo Light #2)
3:Day of Year
4:Time, UTC
5:Average air temperature, Deg C
6:Wind Speed average m/s
7:Wind Speed maximum, m/s
8:Wind Direction, average, degrees from (0=north, 90=east)

-99 = missing/bad data

Ron Muzzi
Marine Instrumentation Laboratory