GLERL Publications Abstracts: FY 1974

LAKE HYDROLOGY GROUP. Lake Ontario IFYGL ice studies data report. GLERL Open File Report, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI, 189 pp. (1974).

Meteorological, hydrological, and ice cover data were collected along the periphery of Lake Ontario from May 23, 1972 to March 27, 1973 by the Lake Survey Center, NOAA. The data collection project was an integral part of the IFYGL, a major program element of the International Hydrological Decade studies. IFYGL is a joint Canadian-United States program of environment and water resources research focusing on Lake Ontario and the Lake Ontario drainage basin. The purpose of IFYGL is to develop a sound scientific basis for water resources management on the Great Lakes to help solve water quality and quantity problems.

PICKETT, R.L., and F.P. RICHARDS. Comparison of July temperature statistics from adjacent buoys at station 13. IFYGL Bulletin 10:93-94 (1974).

No abstract.

ROBERTSON, A. Status of the chemical intercomparison programs conducted during IFYGL. IFYGL Bulletin 10:92 (1974).

No abstract.

ROBERTSON, A. U.S. IFYGL shipboard data acquisition system. IFYGL Technical Manual Series No. 5 :40 (1974).

No abstract.

*SCAVIA, D. Implementation of a pelagic ecosystem model for lakes. International Biological Program Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome--IBP Report 74-4 (1974).

No abstract.

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