GLERL Publications - February 2011

HONDORP, D.W., S.A. POTHOVEN, and S.B. Brandt. Feeding selectivity of slimy sculpin Cottus cognatus and deepwater sculpin Myoxocephalus thompsonii in southeast Lake Michigan: Implications for species coexistence. Journal of Great Lakes Research 37:165-172 (2011).

NELSON, D., H. Elmer, R. HELD, D. FORSYTHE, S. CASEY, H. Stirratt, D. Bergeron, F. Lichtkoppler, J. Schomberg, and M. Dolor. Laurentian Great Lakes basin climate change adaptation. NOAA Technical Memorandum GLERL-153. NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI, 43 pp. (2011).

POTHOVEN, S.A., D.W. Hondorp, and T.F. NALEPA. Declines in deepwater sculpin Myoxocephalus thompsonii energy density associated with the disappearance of Diporeia spp. in lakes Huron and Michigan. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 20:14-22 (2011).