GLERL Publications - October 2011

LOFGREN, B.M., T.S. HUNTER, and J. Wilbarger. Effects of using air temperature as a proxy for potential evapotranspiration in climate change scenarios of Great Lakes basin hydrology. Journal of Great Lakes Research 37:9 pp. (DOI:10.1016/j.jglr.2011.09.006) (2011).

Wynne, T.T., R.P. Stumpf, M.C. Tomlinson, D.J. SCHWAB, G.Y. Watabayashi, and J.D. Christensen. Estimating cyanobacterial bloom transport by coupling remotely sensed imagery and a hydrodynamic model. Ecological Applications 21(7):2709-2721(DOI:10.1890/10-1454-1 (2011).