GLERL Publications - November 2010

BAI, X., J. WANG, C.E. SELLINGER, A.H. CLITES, and R.A. ASSEL. The impacts of ENSO and AO/NAO on the interannual variability of Great Lakes ice cover. NOAA Technical Memorandum GLERL-152. NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI, 44 pp. (2010).

Kelley, J.G.W., A.J. Zhang, P. Chu, and G.A. LANG. Skill assessment of NOS Lake Huron Operational Forecast System (LHOFS). NOAA Tcehnical Memorandum NOS CS 23. NOAA, National Ocean Service, Coast Survey Development Laboratory, Silver Spring, MD, 57 pp. (2010).