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GLERL Publications Update
October 2002 - March 2003

Publications List Key
Capitalized names represent GLERL authors.
* = Not available from GLERL.
** = Available in GLERL Library only.

To request copies of any of these publications, contact:

AGY, M. A. Changes in the nearshore and offshore zooplankton communities of southeastern Lake Michigan. Master’s Thesis, University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Ann Arbor, MI, 52 pp. (2001).

ASSEL, R. A., K. CRONK, and D. C. NORTON. Recent trends in Laurentian Great Lakes ice cover. Climatic Change 57:185-204 (2003).

ASSEL, R. A., and D. C. NORTON. Twentieth century trends in the ice cover of the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America. Ice in the Environment: Proceedings of the 16th IAHR International Symposium on Ice, V. Squire and P. Langhorne (Eds.), Dunedin, New Zealand, December 2-6, 2002. International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research, pp. 321-327 (2002).

CLITES, A. H., and F. H. QUINN. The history of Lake Superior regulation: implications for the future. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(1):157-171 (2003).

CROLEY, T. E. II, and C. L. Luukkonen. Potential effects of climate change on ground water in Lansing, Michigan. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 39(1):149-163 (2003).

FAHNENSTIEL, G. L., C. Beckmann, S. E. Lohrenz, D. F. MILLIE, O. M. E. SCHOFIELD, and M. J. McCORMICK. Standard Niskin and Van Dorn bottles inhibit phytoplankton photosynthesis in Lake Michigan. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 28:376-380 (2002).

HAWLEY, N., and R. W. MUZZI. Observations of nepheloid layers made with an autonomous vertical profiler. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(1):124-133 (2003).

Hwang, H., S. W. Fisher, K. Kim, P. F. LANDRUM, R. J. Larson, and D. J. Versteeg. Assessing the toxicity of dodecylbenzene sulfonate to the midge Chironomus riparius using body residues as the dose metric. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22(2):302-312 (2003).

Ingersoll, C. G., E. L. Brunson, N. Wang, F. J. Dwyer, G. T. Ankley, D. R. Mount, J. Huckins, J. Petty, and P. F. LANDRUM. Uptake and depuration of nonionic organic contaminants from sediment by the oligochaete, Lumbriculus variegatus. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22(3):872-885 (2003).

LANDRUM, P. F., G. R. Lotufo, D. C. GOSSIAUX, M. L. GEDEON, and J.-H. Lee. Bioaccumulation and critical body residue of PAHs in the amphipod, Diporeia spp.: Additional evidence to support toxicity additivity for PAH mixtures. Chemosphere 51:481-489 (2003).

LESHKEVICH, G. A., and S. LIU. Environmental monitoring of Lake Michigan using CoastWatch data and JAVA GIS. Proceedings, Lake Michigan State of the Lake 2001, Muskegon, MI, November 6-7, 2001. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Grand Valley State University, Muskegon, MI, 34 pp. (2002).

LOFGREN, B. M., F. H. QUINN, A. H. CLITES, R. A. ASSEL, A. J. Eberhardt, and C. L. Luukkonen. Evaluation of potential impacts on Great Lakes water resources based on climate scenarios of two GCMs. Journal of Great Lakes Research 28(4):537-554 (2002).

LOZANO, S. J., M. L. GEDEON, and P. F. LANDRUM. The effects of temperature and organism size on the feeding rate and modeled chemical accumulation in Diporeia spp. for Lake Michigan sediments. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(1):79-88 (2003).

MILLER, G. S., M. J. McCORMICK, J. H. SAYLOR, R. C. Murthy, and Y. R. Rao. Temporal and spatial variability of the resuspension coastal plume in southern Lake Michigan inferred from ADCP backscatter. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 28:513-518 (2002).

Mora, C., P. M. Chittaro, P. F. Sale, J. P. Kritzer, and S. A. LUDSIN. Patterns and processes in reef fish diversity. Nature 421:933-936 (2003).

Murthy, C. R., Y. R. Rao, M. J. McCORMICK, G. S. MILLER, and J. H. SAYLOR. Coastal exchange characteristics during unstratified season in southern Lake Michigan. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 28:299-302 (2002).

NALEPA, T. F., D. L. FANSLOW, M. B. LANSING, and G. A. LANG. Trends in the benthic macroinvertebrate community of Saginaw Bay, 1987-96: Responses to phosphorus abatement and Dreissena polymorpha. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(1):14-33 (2003).

PEACOR, S. D. Phenotypic modifications to conspecific density arising from predation risk assessment. Oikos 100(2):409-415 (2003).

POTHOVEN, S. A., G. L. FAHNENSTIEL, and H. A. VANDERPLOEG. Population characteristics of Bythotrephes in Lake Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(1):145-156 (2003).

WILCOXEN, S. E., P. G. Meier, and P. F. LANDRUM. The toxicity of fluorantnene to Hyalella azteca in sediment and water-only exposures under varying light spectra. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 54:105-117 (2003).