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GLERL Publications Update
October 2007 - March 2008

To request copies of any of these publications, contact:

ASSEL, R. A. Indicator: Lake Erie ice cover. In State of the Strait: Status and Trends of Key Indicators. J.H. Hartig, M.A. Zarull, J.H. Ciborowski, J.E. Gannon, E. Wilke, G. Norwood, and A. Vincent (Eds.). Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, Occasional Publication No. 5, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 102-104 (2007).

BELETSKY, D., D. M. MASON, D. J. SCHWAB, E. S. Rutherford, J. J. Janssen, D. F. Clapp, and J. M. Dettmers. Biophysical model of larval yellow perch advection and settlement in Lake Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research 33:842-866 (2007).

Gray, D. K., T. H. JOHENGEN, D. F. REID, and H. J. MacIsaac. Efficacy of open-ocean ballast water exchange as a means of preventing invertebrate invasions between freshwater ports. Limnology and Oceanography 52(6):2386-2397 (2007).

HAWLEY, N., and B. J. EADIE. Observations of sediment transport in Lake Erie during the winter of 2004-2005. Journal of Great Lakes Research 33:816-827 (2007).

HÖÖK, T. O., E. Gorokhova, and S. Hansson. RNA:DNA ratios of Baltic Sea herring larvae and copepods in embayment and open sea habitats. Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science 76:29-35 (2008).

LANDRUM, P. F., S. D. ROBINSON, D. C. GOSSIAUX, J. You, M. J. Lydy, S. Mitra, and T. E. M. tenHulscher. Predicting bioavailability of sediment-associated organic contaminants for Diporeia spp. and oligochaetes. Environmental Science and Technology 41:6442-6447 (2007).

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Lohrenz, S.E., G.L. FAHNENSTIEL, and D.F. Millie. Coastal sediment dynamics and river discharge as key factors influencing coastal ecosystem productivity in southeastern Lake Michigan. Oceanography 21(4):60-69 (2008).

Nghiem, S. V., and G. A. LESHKEVICH. Satellite SAR remote sensing of Great Lakes ice cover, Part 1. Ice backscatter signatures at C Band. Journal of Great Lakes Research 33:722-735 (2007).

Olson, J. M., G. Alagarswamy, J. A. Andresen, D. J. Campbell, A. Y. Davis, J. Ge, M. Huebner, B. M. LOFGREN, D. P. Lusch, N. J. Moore, B. C. Pijanowski, J. Qi, P. K. Thornton, N. M. Torbick, and J. Wang. Integrating diverse methods to understand climate-land interactions in East Africa. Geoforum 39:898-911 (2008).

POTHOVEN, S. A., and C. P. Madenjian. Changes in consumption by alewives and lake whitefish after Dreissenid mussel invasions in Lakes Michigan and Huron. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 28:308-320 (2008).

ROBINSON, S. D., P. F. LANDRUM, P. L. VanHoof, and B. J. EADIE. Seasonal variation of Polychlorinated biphenyl congeners in surficial sediment, trapped settling material, and suspended particulate matter in Lake Michigan, USA. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27(2):313-322 (2008).

SELLINGER, C. E., C. A. STOW, E. C. Lamon, and S. S. Qian. Recent water level declines in the Lake Michigan-Huron system. Environmental Science and Technology 42:367-373 (2008).