Lake St. Clair Microcystin Sampling Data

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In Lake St. Clair, 5 stations are monitored on a bi-weekly basis and 4 are monitored on a monthly basis to quantify Microcystis abundance and toxicity, nutrients, pigments, and other environmental parameters, as well as to further understand how Microcystis biomass correlates with toxicity.

These data below are developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada along with the University of Windsor. NOAA-GLERL and CIGLR would like to thank them for providing data for the HABs and Hypoxia portal.

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WHO Recommended Guidelines (for reference)

8 134 135 136 139 140 142 RCM_River Thames_T2
Map of sampling sites on Lake St. Clair for Microcystis

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Thames T2

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