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NOAA/GLERL Great Lakes Monthly Depth-Averaged Currents Map
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Monthly Depth-Averaged
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Note, these maps are designed to depict a broad overview of the current field, and are considered to be more qualitative than quantitative. In particular, the specific coordinates are not very accurate. Please use the GLOS Point-Query Tool to generate a timeseries of modeled currents at a particular location,

The flow patterns depicted in these visualizations of lake currents are based on simulations from the Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System operated by NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.

These 'Monthly' visualizations depict depth-averaged currents averaged over the entire month. Depth-averaged currents represent the average water motion from surface to bottom and tend to follow shoreline and bottom contours.

This map uses copyrighted technology developed by Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg ( for their stunning wind map application. They have graciously allowed us to show visualization of lake currents here until license issues are resolved.

Data is acquired from from the GLOS THREDDS Data Server via OPeNDAP using python scripts (courtesy of Rich Signell).

Please send feedback and inquiries to: Eric Anderson.