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(see also ice products)

Winds used for wave model -5 day animation, +3 day animation
Winds image
Waves -5 day animation, +5 day animation
Waves image
Water Level -5 day animation, +3 day animation
Water Level image
Surface Water Temps -5 day animation, +3 day animation
Surface Water Temp image
Bottom Water Temps
Bottom Water Temp image
Water Temp Transects
Vertical Water Temp image
Daily lake-wide average surface temps from GLSEA
Heat Flux Estimates: Whole-Lake Heat Fluxes
Latest GLSEA Lake Ontario SST
GLSEA image
60-day animimation

loofs SST image
Tidesandcurrents LOOFS website

Multiplot_latest image
See also Last 10 days Multiplot, YTD Multiplot

Lake Ontario Water Levels
Compare WL 13320 image Compare WL 13590 image
Compare WL 13150 image Compare WL 13988 image
Compare WL 13030 image Compare WL 9052000 image
Compare WL 9052076 image Compare WL 9052030 image
Compare WL 9052058 image
See also YTD (updated on occasion)

Lake Ontario Water Temps
Compare WT image
See also YTD (updated on occasion)
See also YTD SST vs GLSEA (updated on occasion)

Winds used for hydrodynamic model -5 day animation, +3 day animation
Winds and Currents image
-5 day animation, +3 day animation
Air Pressure image
-5 day animation, +3 day animation
Air Temperature image
Temp profile 1 image Temp profile 2 image Temp profile 3 image
Temp profile 4 image Temp profile 5 image
Compare ncast and forecast winds image 1 Compare ncast and forecast winds image 2