Huron Erie Connecting Waterways Forecasting System, HECWFS

NOTICE: This new HECWFS site displays our next-gen model output. Upgrades include a newer version of the hydrodynamic model (FVCOM 3.1.6 -> 4.3.1), river inflows derived from the National Water Model (NWM) and more realistic river temperatures derived from stream gages.

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These products are updated 2x per day around 6 and 18 UTC.
Note: These simulations do include representation of ice cover.

Surface Currents:
past 48 hrs  | forecast (+72hrs)
Plot of Surface Currents

Surface Temps:
past 48 hrs  | forecast (+72hrs)  | GLSEA
Plot of Surface Temperature
Water Level Field:
past 48 hrs  | forecast (+72hrs)
Plot of Water Level
Water Level Profile:
past 48 hrs  | forecast (+72hrs)
Plot of North-South Water Level Profile
Water Level Time Series
(numbers correspond to NOS map below)
Time series of water level
Temperature Validation:
temperature validation
River Inputs from National Water Model:
(letters correspond to NWM Map below)
hydrograph of NWM

Maps: FVCOM Domain | NOS Gage Map | NWM Flowlines Map

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James Kessler
Philip Chu
David J. Schwab

Gregory Lang