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Note: using interpolated surface marobs and NDFD forcing

DO surf image
+5 day animation
DO bottom image
+5 day animation
reduced substances image
+5 day animation
Surface water temp image
+5 day animation
Bottom water temp image
Winds -5 day animation, +3 day animation
Winds image
Dissolved Oxygen
Compare DO image4
Compare DO image3

Water Temperature
Compare swt image3
DO profile 1 image DO profile 2 image DO profile 3 image
DO fcast profile 1 image DO fcast profile 2 image DO fcast profile 3 image
Temp profile 1 image
GLOS page
Temp profile 2 image
GLOS page
Temp profile 6 image
GLOS page
Temp fcast profile 1 image Temp fcast profile 2 image Temp fcast profile 6 image