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GLCFS Modeled FORECAST Wave Heights vs Observed Wave Heights

Year: 2014 2015 2016 2017

Superior: 45001 45004 45006      Michigan: 45002 45007 45026 45029      Huron: 45003 45008 45137
Erie: 45005 45132 45142      St. Clair: 45147      Ontario: 45012 45135 45139

45003: Northern Lake Huron - 2017

timeseries plot of wave model vs data

Note: GLCFS forecasts are run 2x per day, at 0Z and 12Z. For each forecast run, the predicted wave heights are saved at the 24th forecast hour, at the 72nd forecast hour, and at the 120th forecast hour. The accumulated 1-day (top panel), 3-day (middle panel), and 5-day (bottom panel) forecast wave heights are then plotted against the nowcast values and the NDBC observed wave heights.