Open Meeting on June 21, 1996 in Milwaukee, WI
List of Participants

Open Meeting Held for Scientists Interested in
Interdisciplinary Coastal Studies in the Great Lakes

The NSF-Coastal Ocean Processes Program (CoOP) and the NOAA-Coastal Ocean Program (COP) hosted an open meeting on June 21, 1996, for scientists interested in interdisciplinary coastal studies in the Great Lakes, on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. An Announcement of Opportunity was released the end of April, 1996, which solicits proposals for a coordinated study in the Great Lakes. This cooperative inter-agency initiative anticipates supporting integrated, multi-investigator, interdisciplinary programs of modeling and process studies with the overall goal of improving understanding, predictability and management of Great Lakes resources. The proposal deadline is August 15, 1996.

The purpose of this meeting was to promote communication among prospective investigators and to inform them of:

We hoped to facilitate the preparation of well coordinated, multi-investigator, interdisciplinary proposals that address the goals of the CoOP/COP Announcement of Opportunity for Great Lakes Research. The meeting was open to all interested scientists. Many participants gave brief presentations that outlined their interdisciplinary research interests in the Great Lakes and brought abstracts for distribution.

For additional information, please contact

the CoOP Office
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
10 Ocean Science Circle
Savannah, GA 31411 USA
phone: 912-598-2493; FAX 912-598-2310

Copies of the CoOP Great Lakes Workshop report as well as the joint NSF/NOAA Announcement of Opportunity are available from the CoOP Office.

List of Participants
(* submitted abstract)

1. William Ahrnsbrak, Hobart & William Smith College

2. Larry Anderson, Harvard University*

3. Keith Bedford, Ohio State University*

4. Susan Boehme, Rutgers University*

5. Philip Bogden, Yale University*

6. Steve Brandt, Buffalo State College

7. Eric Brown, University of Minnesota

8. Judy Wells Budd, MI Technological University*

9. Marie Bundy, NOAA GLERL*

10. Jim Churchill, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution*

11. Larry Clark, NSF

12. Jim Cotner, Texas A&M*

13. Tim Cowles, Oregon State University*

14. Gabe Csanady, Old Dominion University* (phone only: 508-420-5507)

15. Brian Eadie, NOAA GLERL*

16. David Edgington, University of Wisconsin

17. Gary Fahnenstiel, NOAA GLERL 1

8. Kevin Fermanich, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant

19. Sharon Fitzgerald, USGS

20. Jean-Francois Gaillard, Northwestern University

21. Scott Gallager, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution*

22. Wayne Gardner, NOAA GLERL*

23. Sarah Green, Michigan Technological University*

24. Roy Gu, Iowa State*

25. Frank Hall, University of Delaware*

26. Nathan Hawley, NOAA GLERL*

27. Bob Heath, Kent State University

28. Dave Hebert, University of Rhode Island

29. Tom Holsen, Illinois Institute of Technology*

30. Midhat Hondzo, Purdue University*

31. John Janssen, Loyola University

32. Tom Johengen, NOAA GLERL

33. Janet Keough, National Biological Service*

34. Charles Kerfoot, Michigan Technological University*

35. Val Klump, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

36. Kwang Lee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

37. John Lehman, University of Michigan*

38. Barry Lesht, Argonne National Lab

39. Brent Lewis, University of Delaware*

40. Wilbert Lick, University of California-SB*

41. Dennis Lyn, Purdue University

42. Charles Madenjian, National Biological Service

43. Jim Maki, Marquette University

44. Doran Mason, University of Wisconsin

45. Gerald Matisoff, Case Western Reserve*

46. Guy Meadows, University of Michigan

47. Gerald Miller, NOAA GLERL

48. Clifford Mortimer (phone only: 414-291-9548)

49. Mohi Munawar, Canadian Centre for Inland Waters (phone only: 905-336-4867)

50. Kent Orlandini, Argonne National Lab (phone only: 708-252-4236)

51. Candace Oviatt, University of Rhode Island*

52. Krishna Pagilla, Illinois Institute of Technology

53. Vadim Panov, Zoological Institute, Russia

54. Mike Pennington, NOAA (phone only: 414-273-6100)

55. Elise Ralph, Scripps Institution*

56. Mike Reeve, NSF

57. Charles Remsen, University of Wisconsin

58. Paul Roebber, University of Wisconsin

59. Mike Roman, CoOP, University of Maryland-Horn Point Lab

60. Edward Rutherford, University of Michigan*

61. James Saylor, NOAA GLERL

62. Don Scavia, NOAA COP

63. Joe Schubauer-Berigan, University of South Carolina*

64. David Schwab, NOAA GLERL*

65. Gary Sprules, University of Toronto

66. David Stahl, Northwestern University

67. Noel Urban, Michigan Technological University*

68. Leonard Walstad, University of Maryland-Horn Point Lab*

69. Glenn Warren, U.S. EPA

70. Nigel Wattrus, University of Minnesota

71. John Wickham, NOAA COP

72. Julie Wolin, Geological Survey of Denmark/Greenland

73. Hyungmoh Yih, Texas A&M*

74. Michael Zarull, Canadian Centre for Inland Waters

75. Stephan Zeeman, University of New England 6/26/96