Sediment Resuspension and Transport: Radionuclide Tracer Studies

J. Val Klump1, James T. Waples1, David N. Edgington1, Kent A. Orlandini2, Kim Weckerly1, Don Szmania1, and Richard A. MacKenzie1
1University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and 2Argonne National Laboratory


  1. Investigate the dynamics of resuspension by quantifying changing particle residence times in both the water and the sediments of the nearshore plume zone of the southern basin
  2. Estimate alongshore mass transport rates for these particles
  3. Couple transport rates with particle composition changes to estimate transformation rates



Eadie (sediment trapping); Robbins (transport into a depositional zone); Lesht (tripod measurements of hydrodynamics); Hornbuckle (HOC resuspension); Schwab (modeling); Milwaukee Water Filtration Plant (continuous monitoring).