Miscellaneous EEGLE Images

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1999 EEGLE Images

Retrieval of CCIW Moorings, July, 1999, near St. Joseph, MI. Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) in 20m of water (upper left); and SACMs (single point acoustic meter) in 12m of water. Note, SACMs in lower panels became inoperable due to severe Nov 1998 storm and zebra mussel encrustation.

June 14, 1999 Shenehon Mooring Cruise. R/V Shenehon. "Alanizer", funnel device designed to remove zebra mussels from mooring lines. Retrieving sequential sediment traps.



Met station at Milwaukee, WI. Site online 30 March 1999. Left: Milwaukee Harbor north entrance light (platform is 18' above pier); Right: looking SSW from the platform at wind and air temp sensors.

Images from the March, 1999 process/biology cruise aboard the R/V Laurentian. Left: deploying a profiling spectrofluorimeter; Middle: collecting water with a Niskin bottle; Right: deploying a spectral attenuation/absorption meter.

Miscellaneous images from the Lake Guardian March, 1999 Survey Cruise

More Images from 1997 & 1998

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