Report from the Nov 30-Dec 1
EEGLE-KITES All-hands Meeting

Barry Lesht hosted the meeting at the Argonne National Laboratory. Overviews were presented for both the EEGLE and KITES programs providing a background for the afternoon poster sessions. Approximately 30 posters provided insights into the findings of individual projects.

On the second day we broke into three workgroups (physical, sediments, and ecology) with a focus on developing a consensus for coordinated products. We have agreed on the following:

EEGLE-KITES Synthesis Issue(s)

1. A joint issue of all contributed manuscripts

2. A Synthesis Special Issue

The NSF CoOP Steering Committee would like to attend a summary EEGLE-KITES meeting. The August 2001 meeting may be the best venue. It was also suggested to hold a special session at the 2002 Ocean Sciences Meeting.

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