Report from the August 20-23, 2001
EEGLE/KITES All-hands Meeting, MTU, Houghton, MI

This is a brief report on our successful yr4 All Hands meeting in Houghton. Submitted by Sarah Green, MTU.

About 35 people participated in morning presentations and afternoon discussion sessions. There were 25 presentations aimed towards summarizing results to be submitted to upcoming special issues. EEGLE and KITES groups had a chance to meet independently to discuss synthesis topics. I did not keep count of the small workgroups, but I gather that many groups made progress over the week.

Future KITES/EEGLE meetings:

  1. Brian will set a time (1-2 hours) for EEGLE/KITES to meet at the Ocean Sciences conference in Feb (with steering committee, if they so choose).
  2. synthesis teams will meet as needed
  3. No All Hands meeting has been planned for 2002; progress on synthesis activities will dictate whether another meeting is required.


  1. L&O:
    I submitted a revised proposal for a special issue to Bill Lewis and Everett Fee, including the provisions that (i) the issue be open to any contributors; (ii) there be no conflict of interest issues with decisions on acceptance of papers (e.g. we can't be our own editors).

    The L&O board met on Saturday, 8/18, and decided to leave the decision on our proposal up to Everett Fee. I have agreed to provide him with a list of possible guest editors (who must be outside KITES/EEGLE). From that list he would select a person to invite for that task.
    The list so far includes:

L&O timeline: ms by April-June 2002 (to be set by editor).

  • J. Great Lakes Research special issue on Lake Superior; Marty Auer is editor. Manuscript deadline isn't firm yet, but he aims to have reviews completed by May 2002.

  • State of the Lake volume (L. Superior): Submit nominations for chapter authors/topics to Marty Auer. Selections will be made in May 2002.

  • Synthesis volume: EEGLE/KITES in context of CoOP goals. What: book or special monograph (e.g. AGU monograph)
    1. Interdisciplinary synthesis within each lake
    2. Interlake comparison (Superior and Michigan)
    3. Broader coastal context (CoOP)

    Who: Writing teams will propose efforts on topics within the overall goals above.
    1. Teams will be formed spring 2002
    2. mini-proposal to NSF for support for this volume to be submitted June 2002.
    3. draft volume ready by June 2003.


    1. AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences 2002 Hawaii: Feb 11-15 in Honolulu Special Session OS3: Transport and transformation of biogeochemically important materials in coastal waters. Organizers: Brian J. Eadie, John L. Largier, Jack A. Barth, and Sarah A. Green Abstract deadlines: Nov 1 (mail) or Nov 8 (web) and

    2. State of the Lake Conference: May 20-22, 2001, in Houghton, MI. Organizers: Marty Auer, M. Munawar

    3. Lake Ladgoga Symposium: Sept 2-6, 2002 Velikiy Novgorod, Russia Raj Murthy, North American contact (

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