Lake Erie HABs Tracker - *** EXPERIMENTAL ***

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As of 10/17/2014, all real-time monitoring buoys and mooring instruments for HABs and Hypoxia monitoring in Lake Erie have been retrieved for the winter. There will be no further data updates until next season.

Tracking potential Harmful Algal Blooms

Animation in top right panel shows model output of the prior 2 and next 3 days of HABs position and concentration. Modelled and projected surface currents are used in combination with estimates of the extent of HABs from satellite imagery in a particle model capable of producing these forecasts. (See animation of surface currents from GLCFS)

Latest HABs extent analysis from valid MODIS imagery (see below)
Last MODIS image used to estimate extent of HABs

WE2 WE4 WE6 WE8 WE12 WE13

Microcystin estimates from western lake Erie

Hover over a sampling location in the map to view its time series of Microcystins (μg/L microcystin-LR equivalents).
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Year to display (for time series plot):

Additional Data from WE4:

Additional Data from WE8: