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Cryptomonas spp.


Cryptomonas ovata.

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Profile: >15um with 2 chloroplasts

19 Great Lakes Species: C. brevis, C. caudalus, C. caudata, C. curvata, C. erosa, C. lobata, C. marssonii, C. obovata, C. ovata, C. parapyrenoidifera, C. phaseolus, C. platyuris, C. pusilla, C. pyrenodiosa, C. pyrenoidifera, C. reflexa, C. rostratiformis, C. tenuis, C. tetrapyrenoidiosa

D - Cryptomonads frequently dominate the phytoplankton assemblages of the Great Lakes. C. erosa is a summer dominant in all 5 lakes. It is also dominant in Lakes Superior, Michigan and Ontario during the spring. In spring, it is joined by the co-dominant C. ovata in Lakes Michigan and Ontario. C. pyrenoidifera is the dominant spring species in Lake Huron while in Lake Erie no Cryptomonas species are found among the top 10 spring dominants. In summer, C. erosa is joined by the codominant subspecies C. erosa v. reflexa in Lakes Superior and Huron.

Cryptomonas spp.

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