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Great Lakes Waterlife Photo Gallery
Benthic Invertebrates
Gastropoda - Snails

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Species List

    Genus Species Reported Locations** Description
Bithynia tentaculata mud bithynia Bithynia (Bythinia) tentaculata XWN MHEO
to 15mm, shallow areas, feeds on algae

** Reported locations based on a limited literature search. Codes indicate presence reported but absence of a code should not be interpreted as a species absence.

S (Lake Superior) based on:

M (Lake Michigan) based on combination of:

H (Lake Huron) based on:

E (Lake Erie) based on:

O (Lake Ontario) based on:

X (Great Lakes coastal wetlands) based on:

W (wave zone = 0-2m) based on:

R (rocky habitats) based on: Globe icon indicates a link to a non-NOAA siteBenthic Community Structure and Composition among rocky habitats in the Great Lakes and Keuka Lake, NY. 1987. Michael H. Winnell and David J. Jude. JGLR 13(1)3-17.

N (nearshore) based on:

1 = 14-30m based on:

2 = 31-50m based on:Disruption of the benthic community in Lake Ontario. 2003. S.J. Lozano and T.F. Nalepa. in State of Lake Ontario (SOLO) -- Past, Present and Future. M Munawar (ed). Ecovision World Monograph Series. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society.

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