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Current Great Lakes Conditions

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Realtime and Near-Realtime Data

NOAA/GLERL/COASTWATCH/NOAAPORT Marine Observations - Includes previous 12-hour and 2-week archives for meteorological reports including: Buoys, C-MAN, US Coast Guard, Ship Reports, Other Marine Reports, and Surface Airway Stations. Ship reports may be particularly useful for mid-lake conditions.

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteNational Data Buoy Center - Includes real-time data from all US Moored Buoy Stations, Canadian Moored Buoy Stations and C-MAN Stations and historical data for the US Moored Buoy Stations and C-MAN stations. Available Meteorological Data may include Air Temperatures, Sea Surface Temperatures, Dewpoint, Sea Level Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Gusts, Wave Height, Wave Period, Wave Direction and Visibility. Direct links to - West Great Lakes - East Great Lakes

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteNDBC - Dial a Buoy - Instructions to access current buoy information by phone.

NOAA/GLERL Real-Time Meteorological Observation Network - Includes wind speed, wind gusts, wind direction, air temperature, dewpoint, humidity, station pressure, sea level pressure, and PAR for sites around southern Lake Michigan, in Alpena, MI on Lake Huron, and near Toledo, OH on Lake Erie.

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteGreat Lakes Marine Weather Observations - Buoy data, water level gauge data, satellite and radar imagery, METAR data, courtesy of the Grand Rapids National Weather Service Office.

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteNOAA National Water Level Program (NWL) - and the National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON).

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteNOAA/Great Lakes On-line - Links to current NOAA/NOS/NWLON data (3 day track). Data normally updated every 1-3 hours. Stations in "Storm Surge Mode" updated every 18 minutes.

Globe icon indicates link to a non-NOAA site  GLIN Water Levels - NOAA regional data portal for current water level observations

NOAA COASTWATCH - Satellite imagery and products including AVHRR water temperature images, GLSEA integrated water temperature and ice cover maps, contour maps of surface water temperatures, GOES imagery, RADARSAT, ocean color, visible reflectance, and GLSEA animations.

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteSeaGrant CoastWatch - Contoured surface temperature maps suitable for B&W printing based on real-time AVHRR Satellite Imagery provided by NOAA CoastWatch Great Lakes Node.

Globe icon indicates link to a non-NOAA site  National Center for Atmospheric Research - Real-time U.S. weather data. Features include an interactive mapper for viewing temperatures, visibility, skycover, wind direction and more. You also can view current images of snow cover and depth, courtesy of NOAA and the U.S. Air Force.

Additional Links to Great Lakes Water Temperature and Wind/Wave Data

Globe icon indicates link to a non-NOAA site  Great Lakes BeachCast (GLIN) - Choose a state from the list under "Current Beach Conditions" in the left bar for the most direct access to closing information. Or choose a state or lake from the interactive map to access news clippings, closing information and monitoring data (where available) as well as other resources.

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Weather Forecasts and Modeled Conditions

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteMarine Forecasts - Links to forecasts for all Great Lakes courtesy of Grand Rapids National Weather Service.

Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA siteInteractive Weather Information Network - By the National Weather Service

Experimental Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System - Experimental nowcasts and forecasts of wind, wave, temperature and currents.


Map depicting webcam locations.

GLERL Webcams - Chicago, IL; Muskegon, MI; Alpena, MI; and Toledo, OH

Globe icon indicates link to a non-NOAA site  Lakevision Webcams - commercial sites throughout the Great Lakes.

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Lake Superior:

Soo Locks/ St. Mary's River:

Lake Michigan:

Straits of Mackinac:

Lake Huron:

St. Clair River: Globe icon indicates link to a non-NOAA site  Maritime River Cam - Port Huron

Lake Saint Clair:

Detroit River:

Lake Erie:

Lake Ontario:

St. Lawrence River -

Additional webcam compilation sites ... may include additional webcams

All Great Lakes webcams with Lake views are eligible for inclusion as links regardless of commercial value. Inclusion in this list does not constitute endorsement of products.

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