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Lake Ontario Dunes, Southwick-Lakeview Resource Area, Sunset Bluff, looking north



  5/12/92 6/9/92 6/23/92 7/21/92 8/18/92 9/15/92 10/20/92 4/20/93  
Ontario100.jpg (86KB) Ontario102.jpg (72KB) Ontario104.jpg (93KB) Ontario106.jpg (87KB) Ontario108.jpg (105KB) Ontario110.jpg (149KB) Ontario112.jpg (140KB) Ontario114.jpg (106KB)

Chart of Daily Water LEvels at the Ogdensburg Gauging Station, 1992-1993.

Tabular data available from Bird icon indicates link to a non-GLERL NOAA site

Ontario099.jpg (82KB) Ontario101.jpg (56KB) Ontario103.jpg (93KB) Ontario105.jpg (100KB) Ontario107.jpg (78KB) Ontario109.jpg (107KB) ontario111.jpg (142KB) Ontario113.jpg (102KB) Ontario115.jpg (69KB)
4/92 5/26/92 6/16/92 7/7/92 8/4/92 9/1/92 9/29/92 11/3/92 5/4/93
Photos by J. Wetsig - Part of the "Photographic History of the Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes and Wetlands"
developed by Julie Burgess (The Nature Conservancy) and produced by David White (New York Sea Grant)
October 1998.

by Rochelle Sturtevant