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Ann Arbor MI 48108-9719

Telephone: 734-741-2235
Fax: 734-741-2055
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Individual Contacts:

Name Affiliation Phone Email
Alomari, Mohammad NOAA GLERL 734-741-2238
Alsip, Peter University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2259
Anderson, Eric J NOAA GLERL 734-741-2293
Anderson, Hanna University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-5045
Baker, Kent NOAA Affiliate 231-720-5898
Bartos, Austin Michigan Sea Grant 734-741-2292
Beadle, Kyle NOAA GLERL 734-741-2347
Beletsky, Dmitry University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2360
Beletsky, Raisa University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2228
Benner, Mark NOAA GLERL 734-741-2394
Bhadbhade, Sneha GLOS 734-741-2080
Braymer, Beau NOAA Affiliate 231-720-5000
Brendel, Hunter NOAA Corps 231-720-5000
Brinks, Linden GLOS 734-741-2206
Brody, Ellen National Ocean Service (NOS) 734-741-2270
Burlingame, Dan NOAA Affiliate 231-286-5896
Burtner, Ashley University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2149
Camilleri, Andrew University of Michigan CIGLR 734-763-2288
Carter, Glenn University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2260
Cavaletto, Joann F NOAA GLERL 734-741-2356
Chaganti, Rao University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2291
Chu, Philip NOAA GLERL 734-741-2120
Constant, Steve NOAA GLERL 734-741-2336
Darnton, Ryan NOAA Affiliate 231-759-2388
Day, Jennifer NOAA Great Lakes Regional Coordinator 734-741-2266
Den Uyl, Paul University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2275
Donahue, Dennis NOAA GLERL 231-750-0604
Dunnuck, Aaron NOAA Affiliate 231-759-7824
Elgin, Ashley Baldridge NOAA GLERL 231-755-7699
Elliott, Jeff NOAA GLERL 231-759-7824
Errera, Reagan NOAA GLERL 734-741-2041
Fanslow, David L NOAA GLERL 734-741-2353
Farina, Brie NOAA Affiliate 734-741-2180
Feyen, Jesse NOAA GLERL 734-741-2019
Fitch, David GLOS 734-741-2294
Fitzpatrick, Lindsay University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2447
Foster, Wendy L IAGLR 734-665-5303
Fraker, Michael University of Michigan, CIGLR 734-741-2290
Fry, Lauren NOAA GLERL 734-741-2329
Gill, Devin University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2283
Glassner-Shwayder, Kathe NOAA Affiliate 734-741-2256
Glyshaw, Paul NOAA GLERL 734-741-5044
Godwin, Casey University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2282
Gossiaux, Duane NOAA GLERL 734-741-2390
Hawley, Nathan Visiting Scientist 734-741-2273
Heatlie, Terry NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center - Contractor 734-741-2211
Henderson, Hayden University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2277
Hong, Yi University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2147
Hunter, Timothy S NOAA GLERL 734-741-2344
Kashian, Donna Visiting Scientist 734-741-2291
Kelchner, Holly University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-5042
Kessler, James NOAA GLERL 734-224-8287
Kitchens, Christine University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-5046
Kulpanowski, Kim A NOAA GLERL 734-741-2074
Lang, Gregory A NOAA GLERL 734-741-2250
Lansing, Margaret B NOAA GLERL 734-741-2210
Lashaway, Aubrey University of Michigan, CIGLR 734-741-2276
Lee, Deborah Director - NOAA GLERL 734-741-2244
Lefevre, Jeffrey T NOAA GLERL 734-741-2261
Lin, Yuchun University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-3061
Liu, Songzhi University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2349
Lofgren, Brent M NOAA GLERL 734-741-2383
Lovall, Cassie NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center - Contractor 734-741-2339
Lower, El Michigan Sea Grant 734-741-2387
Maguire, Timothy University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2248
Manome, Ayumi University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2289
Marshall, Lauren NOAA Affiliate 734-741-5061
Marshall, Nate University of Michigan, CIGLR 734-741-2285
Martinez, Felix NOAA GLERL 734-741-2254
Mason, Doran NOAA GLERL 734-741-2148
Mason, Lacey NOAA GLERL 734-741-2280
Miller, Russ University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2277
Muzzi, Ronald W NOAA GLERL 734-741-2007
Nester, Travis NOAA GLERL 734-741-2001
Newlin, Laura NOAA GLERL 734-741-2245
Ogdahl, Mary University of Michigan CIGLR 734-763-3010 / 734-763-3010
Paige, Kelli GLOS 734-741-2262
Palladino, Danna NOAA GLERL 734-741-2241
Pearson, Becky GLOS 734-741-2176
Pothoven, Steve NOAA GLERL 231-755-1560
Powell, Tim NOAA GLERL 231-755-3831
Purcell, Heidi University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2370
Purdy, Scott NOAA GLERL 734-741-2394
Rice, Nicole NOAA GLERL 734-741-2247
Roetman, Todd NOAA Affiliate 231-720-5897
Rousseau, Katie GLOS 231-720-5897
Rowe, Mark NOAA GLERL 734-741-2172
Ruberg, Steven A. NOAA GLERL 734-741-2271
Rumfield, Jenn NOAA GLERL 734-741-2393
Rutherford, Edward NOAA GLERL 734-741-2118
Ryan, Mike NOAA GLERL 734-741-2024
Sagowitz, Brad NOAA GLERL 734-741-2258
Salyers, Sandra NOAA GLERL 734-741-2246
Sims, Julie NOAA Fisheries Restoration Center 734-741-2385
Smith, Joeseph University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2252
Smith, Travis NOAA Affiliate 231-720-582
Stow, Craig A. NOAA GLERL 734-741-2268
Sturtevant, Rochelle GLANSIS Program Manager 734-741-2287
Taylor, Rachael Franks NOAA Office for Coastal Management 617-834-2493
Titze, Daniel University of Michigan, CIGLR 734-741-2178
Vanderploeg, Henry A. NOAA GLERL 734-741-2284
Vander Woude, Andrea NOAA Affiliate 734-741-2253
Wang, Jia NOAA GLERL 734-741-2281
Wells, David University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2443
Wensman, Michele University of Michigan CIGLR 734-741-2398
Williams, Rita NOAA GLERL 734-741-2251
Woelkers, Chris NOAA GLERL 734-741-2446
Yagiela, Andrew NOAA GLERL 231-720-5899
Zuccarino-Crowe, Chiara Sea Grant 734-741-2363