Experimental Lake Erie Hypoxia Forecast

The panels below show Experimental Lake Erie Hypoxia Forecasts for the entire lake and 2 sub-regions, a forecast model in development for transition to NOAA operations. Other panels provide additional information on lake conditions. See panel descriptions below. For the latest images, refresh your browser and/or clear its cache.

Additionally, click here or scroll down for time-series buoy data offshore from Cleveland, OH.

Forecast change in bottom temperature and dissolved oxygen:

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Forecast bottom temperature and dissolved oxygen:

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Cleveland to Port Stanley (Canada) Cross-section

Panel descriptions:

Forecast change in bottom temperature and dissolved oxygen - This panel depicts the Experimental Lake Erie Hypoxia 4-day Forecast. The color scale indicates changes in dissolved oxygen (D.O.) concentrations over a period of 4 days, beginning at noon yesterday (EDT). Areas in green indicate no change in dissolved oxygen levels, while areas in blue indicate a decrease and areas in red indicate an increase.

Wind Rose - This panel depicts the frequency of occurrence of wind directions and speeds for yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the following 3 days. The length of each spoke indicates how frequently a wind blows from a particular direction. Wind speeds are indicated by color, as given by the color scale at the bottom of the plot. The data were sampled from the wind data used to drive the hydrodynamic model simulation at locations around the central basin of Lake Erie, for additional detail see the Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System (GLCFS)

Forecast bottom temperature and dissolved oxygen - This panel depicts modeled lake bottom temperatures in degrees Celcius and bottom dissolved oxygen, and also a cross-sectional view of Lake Erie forecast model data from Cleveland to Port Stanley (Canada). Red color is associated with higher values, and blue color with lower values, according to the color scale that appears beside the plot.

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Hypoxia forecast and development co-lead:
Craig Stow
Senior Research Scientist
(734) 741-2268
Hypoxia forecast and development co-lead:
Mark Rowe
Assistant Research Scientist
(734) 741-2172
Stakeholder Engagement:
Devin Gill
(734) 741-2283
Media Contact:
Margaret Lansing
Info Services Branch Chief
(734) 741-2210

Additional buoy data offshore of Cleveland

Below are plots of meteorological and water quality data from 3 buoys north of Cleveland, OH.

Data for 2018 originate from 3 buoys/stations north and offshore from the Cleveland, Ohio Metropolitan area managed by LimnoTech and GLOS:

Click on the above links to those buoys for more information on the buoys and current data.

Unless speicified in a plot's title, each plot has multiple buoys' data. Hover over the plot to reveal a data tip that identifies the buoy that is associated with each color.

Legend for temperature profile plot

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