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Realtime Coastal Observation Network (ReCON) Station
Muskegon M20 Buoy   Location: 43° 10.863´ N,   86° 21.560´ W,   Depth: 75 ft (23 m)

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Conditions around 7:40 am EDT on Wed, Aug 23, 2017 (11:40 GMT)
NOTE: Italic values identify data that is not recent and may not reflect current conditions.

 Data Plots
Air Data:   
Wind Speed: 17.02 kts (8.76 m/s) R.M. Young Wind Monitor
Maximum Wind Speed: 19.51 kts (10.04 m/s) R.M. Young Wind Monitor
Wind Direction: 319.5° (NW) AirMar Weather Sensor
Air Temperature: 66.7 °F (19.3 °C) CSI Temp Probe
Barometric Pressure: 29.96 inHg (1014.35 hPa) R.M. Young Barometer
Water Near-Surface Data:   
Significant Wave Height: 3.4 ft (1.04 m)   [3:21 am] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Maximum Wave Height: 5.7 ft (1.74 m)   [3:21 am] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Wave Zero-Crossing Period: 3.62 secs   [3:21 am] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Wave Direction: 308.8° (NW)   [3:21 am] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Water Temperature (near surface): 71.1 °F (21.7 °C) CSI Temp Probe
YSI Water Temperature (near surface): 71.3 °F (21.9 °C) YSI Sonde
Dissolved Oxygen (near surface): 96.39 %Sat (8.45 mg/L) YSI Sonde
Phycocyanin (near surface): 9.0 RFU YSI Sonde
Fluorescent DOM (near surface): -0.55 RFU YSI Sonde
Total Dissolved Solids (near surface): 154.65 mg/L YSI Sonde
Total Suspended Solids (near surface): 0.00 mg/L YSI Sonde
pH (near surface): 8.81 YSI Sonde
Chlorophyll (near surface): 28.8 RFU YSI Sonde
Conductivity (near surface): 224 µS/cm YSI Sonde
Specific Conductivity (near surface): 238 µS/cm YSI Sonde
Turbidity (near surface): 3.4 NTU YSI Sonde
YSI Sensor Depth: 3.97 ft (1.210 m) YSI Sonde
Pressure (at YSI Sensor): 16.46 psia (11.35 dbar) YSI Sonde
Water Near-Bottom Data:   
SBE Conductivity (near bottom): 244.3 uS/cm   [3:36 am] SeaBird CTD
SBE Water Temperature (near bottom): 60.0 °F (15.6 °C)   [3:36 am] SeaBird CTD
SBE Sensor Depth: 73.3 ft (22.4 m)   [3:36 am] SeaBird CTD
Engineering Data:   
KVH Compass: 160.5° (SSE) KVH Compass
GPS Latitude: 43.181022 N AirMar Weather Sensor
GPS Longitude: -86.359295 E AirMar Weather Sensor
GPS Altitude: 177.0 m AirMar Weather Sensor
GPS Quality (1 or 2 = good): 2 AirMar Weather Sensor
AirMar Compass: 159.3° (SSE) AirMar Weather Sensor
AirMar Pitch: -8.2° AirMar Weather Sensor
AirMar Roll: -0.8° AirMar Weather Sensor
Solar Panel Voltage: 12.63 volts SPC Board
Battery Voltage: 12.57 volts SPC Board

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