Realtime Coastal Observation Network (ReCON) Station
Muskegon Buoy   Location: 43° 11.1216´ N,   86° 21.1104´ W,   Depth: 59 ft (18 m)

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NOTE: Using wave buoy in place of full buoy for winter (while it endures).

Conditions around 2:24 am EDT on Tue, May 28, 2024 (06:24 GMT)
NOTE: Italic values identify data that is not recent and may not reflect current conditions.

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Water Near-Surface Data:   
Significant Wave Height: 0.9 ft (0.28 m) Sofar Spotter Buoy
Wave Mean Period: 2.54 secs Sofar Spotter Buoy
Wave Mean Direction: 285.1° (WNW) Sofar Spotter Buoy
Water Temperature (near surface): 59.6 °F (15.3 °C) Sofar Spotter Buoy

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