Realtime Coastal Observation Network (ReCON) Station
Reno Beach Station   Location: 41° 41´ N,   83° 15´ W,   Depth: 20 ft (6 m)

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Conditions around 5:21 pm EDT on Thu, May 19, 2022 (21:21 GMT)
NOTE: Italic values identify data that is not recent and may not reflect current conditions.

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Water Near-Bottom Data:   
YSI Water Temperature (near bottom): 61.1 °F (16.2 °C)   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Dissolved Oxygen (near bottom): 102.33 %Sat   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Dissolved Oxygen (near bottom): 10.1 mg/L   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Phycocyanin (near bottom): 0.18 RFU   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Fluorescent DOM (near bottom): 0.68 RFU   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Total Dissolved Solids (near bottom): 178.76 mg/L   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
pH (near bottom): 8.73   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Chlorophyll (near bottom): 1.9 RFU   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Conductivity (near bottom): 229 µS/cm   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Specific Conductivity (near bottom): 275 µS/cm   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Turbidity (near bottom): 6.1 NTU   [5:18 pm] YSI Sonde
Nortek Water Temperature (near bottom): 60.9 °F (16.1 °C)   [5:00 pm] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Nortek Sensor Depth: 21.15 ft (6.45 m)   [5:00 pm] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Engineering Data:   
Nortek Compass: 78.1° (ENE)   [5:00 pm] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Nortek Pitch: -22.7°   [5:00 pm] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Nortek Roll: -27.9°   [5:00 pm] Nortek AWAC Profiler
Solar Panel Voltage: 73.78 volts   [5:21 pm] SPC Board
Solar Panel Current: 0.291 amps   [5:25 pm] Campbell Logger
Battery Voltage: 52.58 volts   [5:21 pm] SPC Board
Battery Current: 0.120 amps (+=charging)   [5:25 pm] Campbell Logger
Buoy 12V Bus: 11.93 volts   [5:21 pm] SPC Board
Current to UW Hub: 0.286 amps   [5:25 pm] Campbell Logger
Voltage at UW Hub: 52.33 volts   [5:17 pm] SPC Board

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