Jeff Lefevre


BS Saginaw Valley State College, Data Processing (1984)

IT Specialist

As an IT specialist for GLERL, Jeff Lefevre supports our information technology infrastructure as Windows system specialist; additionally he wears many hats relating to the many aspects of the IT infrastructure. His efforts help ensure that GLERL IT group can remedy any situation that arises in the support of GLERL’s users through his coordination of issues and timeliness of service. His long-lived dedication and devotion to service has served GLERL and NOAA well for almost four decades.

How did you end up working with GLERL?

“While I was in high school, I enrolled in a college prep skills course relating to the new and upcoming field of computer programming.I discovered that I enjoyed programming,” Jeff recalls. “Even though ‘programming’ involved the use of plug-boards and wires, it was intriguing.” Jeff attended Saginaw Valley State College (now University) and enrolled in a Bachelors program in the field of ‘Data Processing’. Jeff took as many programming classes as were offered, Fortran, COBOL, Basic, Assembly, and thoroughly enjoyed the programming aspect his college years. “The code writing of the day involved many hours sitting at a punch card machine typing up your program and then waiting in line to feed it into the mainframe for results”, Jeff recalls.

“My first paying computer related job was as a work-study class in the computer lab at Saginaw Valley, helping the other students trying to figure out how to use these new-fangled computer systems (which were Apple IIe’s at the time),” Jeff reflects.

A few months after graduation, Jeff received an offer from GLERL and moved south about 100 miles to GLERL’s main office in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he worked as a Computer Operator supporting the local VAX mainframe. “It was just a part time job, and not much programming, but I found a way to write programs in between work assignments”. After a year or so, Jeff was offered a new position being created, to build and support personal computers for every employee at GLERL. That opportunity as lead to Jeff becoming a jack of all trades over the years, building and maintaining computers, their operating systems and software, user support, networking, phone systems, wiring, cabling, and yes, some programming.

Who are you outside of your career?

Outside of his career, Jeff enjoys many outdoor activities including camping, kayaking, biking, and playing softball. Jeff and his wife Marsha have visited every inland lighthouse all around his home state of Michigan (100+), and a few on nearby islands as well.

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