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Lake Mich-Huron Experimental FVCOM NOWCAST/FORECAST
(see also ice products)

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Surface currents: animation
Currents image
Surface Water Temps: animation
Surface Water Temp image

Water Level: animation
Water Level image

Bottom Water Temps:
Bottom Water Temp image

Water Temp Transects:

Non-FVCOM related products

Observed SST (GLSEA)
GLSEA image
WaveWatch III Waves (WW3 page)
HRRR Surface Winds: animation
Winds image HRRR 2M Air Temps: animation
HRRR air temp
HRRR MSLP: animation

Lake Michigan Water level Validation

Lake Huron Water level Validation

Lake Michigan Water Temp Validation

Lake Huron Water Temp Validation


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