International Field Years on Lake Erie (IFYLE)

Activity Codes

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Activity Code Explanation
AC-B Acoustics begin
AC-E Acoustics end
ADCP-AND ADCP-anchor deployment
ADCP-ANR ADCP-anchor retrieval
ADCP-D ADCP-deployment
ADCP-R ADCP-retrieval
BOD-B Dissolved oxygen experiments begin
BOD-E Dissolved oxygen experiments end
BTR-B Bottom trawl begin
BTR-E Bottom trawl end
BUCKET Bucket cast for water
CM-D Current meter-deployment
CM-R Current meter-retrieval
CORE B Sediment core-box
CTD Vertical CTD cast
CTD-C Horizontal CTD, continuous
CTD-WAT Water sample, collected with CTD cast
DO-CTD Dissolved oxygen with CTD cast
FLAG Flag net
FLI-B FRRF begin (Twiss)
FLI-E FRRF end (Twiss)
FLI-V Rapid repetition flurometer/fluroprobe, stationary veritical toss (Silbe)
GN-RET Gill net retrieval
GN-SET Gill net set
HVS High volume (aerosol) sampler
HYD Hydrolab
HYP Hyperspectral light meter measurement
IOP IOP frame
METB-D Met buoy deployment
MWTR-B Midwater trawl begin
MWTR-E Midwater trawl end
PONAR Ponar grab
PROF Vertical Profile
PSS-B Plankton Survey System, continuous (begin)
PSS-E Plankton Survey System, continuous (end)
SAT Satlantic deployment
SECCHI Secchi disk
SIZE Vertical profile of particle size
THERM-AND Thermistor-anchor
THERM-ANR Thermistor-retrieval
THERM-D Thermisto stringr-deploy
THERM-R Thermistor string-retrieval
TRAWL-B Bottom fish trawl-continuous (begin)
TRAWL-E Bottom fish trawl-continuous (end)
TR- B Dye tracking begin
TR-E Dye tracking end
TRI-D Tripod-deployment
TRI-R Tripod-retrieval
TRP-D Sediment trap-deployment
TRP-R Sediment trap-retrieval
WP-ISO Water pumped for isotope samples (Paytan's group)
WP-TOX Water pumped 1 meter below surface for tox samples, stationary (also for other epilimnion water samples)
WP-WI Pumped water 1m below surface for zooplankton (Wisconsin net)
WP-ZP Pumped water 1m below surface for zooplankton
ZNET Vertical zooplakton net tow (64um or 153um)
ZNET-WI Vertical Wisconsin net zooplakton tow (63um)
Z-PUMP-B Begin pumping for zooplakton
Z-PUMP-E End pumping for zooplakton