Observation Systems & Advanced Technology

Title Presenter Downloads
Biological, Chemical and Physical Observations of Lake Huron Submerged Sinkholes Steve Ruberg pdf icon
Great Lakes CoastWatch Program George Leshkevich pdf icon
Great Lakes Ice Cover Mapping with RADARSAT-2 SAR Data George Leshkevich pdf icon
Safety and Environmental Compliance Proposal Review and Project Planning Process Kim Kulpanowski pdf icon

Ecosystem Dynamics

Title Presenter Downloads
The Quick and the Dead: Fast Escape Response Determined Zooplankton Community Composition After Invasion of a Visually Preying Invertebrate Hank Vanderploeg pdf icon
Recent Changes in Phytoplankton Productivity and Abundance in the Offshore Region of SE Lake Michigan Gary Fahnenstiel pdf icon
An ‘Enviro-Informatic’ Assessment of Saginaw Bay (Lake Huron, USA) Phytoplankton: Characterization and Modeling of Microcystis Gary Fahnenstiel pdf icon
Sediment Resuspension near the Keewenaw Peninsula, Lake Superior During the Fall and Winter of 1990-1991 Nathan Hawley pdf icon
Recruitment Dynamics of Walleyes (Sander vitreus) in a Great Lakes Tributary Ed Rutherford pdf icon
Applying Novel Molecular Biological Tools in Detection and Prediction of Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms Juli Dyble Bressie pdf icon
When and Where is the Party? Day and Night Vertical Depth Distribution of Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, and Larval Fish in Lake Michigan during Summer 2010 Joann Cavaletto pdf icon
Stable Isotope Analysis of Food Webs Supporting Fisheries in the Muskegon River Watershed and Nearshore Lake Michigan Ed Rutherford pdf icon

Ecological Modeling & Forecasting

Title Presenter Downloads
Hydrological Forecasting Tim Hunter pdf icon
Sampling Variability and Perceived Threats to Human Health at Great Lakes Beaches Drew Gronewold pdf icon
Modeling the Transport of Larval Yellow Perch in Lake Michigan Dima Beletsky pdf icon
Operational Forecasts and Contaminant Tracking in the Huron-Erie Corridor Eric Anderson pdf icon
Unstructured Model-Based Wave-Current Coupling and its Application to the Grand Haven Area of Lake Michigan Meng Xia pdf icon
Simulations of Water Temperature Profiles over the Great Lakes Region at a Fine Horizontal Resolution Marjorie Perroud pdf icon
Development of a Bioenergetics Model for Brown Shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus) and the Potential Effects of Freshwater Diversions on Shrimp Production Aaron Adamack pdf icon
A Multi-Modeling of Climate Change and Land Use Change Impacts on Fish Habitat Suitability in a Great Lakes Tributary Ed Rutherford pdf icon
NOAA Center of Excellence for Great Lakes and Human Health Sonia Joseph Joshi pdf icon
Development of the Great Lakes Ice Circulation Model (GLIM): Application to Lake Erie in 2003-2004 Jia Wang pdf icon
Severe Great Lakes Ice Cover in Winter 2008/09: Contribution of +AO and La Nina Jia Wang pdf icon
Ecosystem Level Assessments of Hypoxia Impacts on the Food Web and Fisheries of Lake Erie Hongyan Zhang pdf icon
A Decision Support Tool for Marine Spatial Planning in the Great Lakes Ed Rutherford pdf icon
Using Google Earth and Google Maps to Display GLERL Research and Products: Some Examples Greg Lang pdf icon