Publication Updates. Yearly listings of publications by GLERL authors.

Publication Abstracts. A list of GLERL publications and their abstracts.

NOAA Technical Reports. This is a NOAA-wide series used for publishing scientific and technical papers, that because of their length or their large data sets are not suitable for publication elsewhere. This series includes NOAA Technical Reports, NOAA Technical Memorandums, and NOAA Data Reports. Most files are in PDF format with any associated data files, figures, and programs available from GLERL's FTP site.

GLERL Annual Reports - 1976 through 1995.

GLERL Library - includes access to full-text electronic journals.

Publications sorted by Researcher. A Researcher Profiles area includes lists of recent publications (published within the past three years) for each GLERL researcher.

Other Publications. Links to the NOAA Central Library, the Government Printing Office, and other Great Lakes related newsletters and publications.

Poster Presentations at Scientific Meetings

Non-Scientific Publications

GLERL Photo Gallery. A collection of Great Lakes images. The gallery is organized into nine different categories: Facilities/Vessels, Fieldwork, Fish, Ice, Lake Levels, Logos, Maps, Scenic, and Waterlife. We will update and add to this site as more images become available.

Brochures and Information Sheets. One to two page descriptions of a few of our current research projects.

GLERL publications are free of charge. Many of GLERL's publications are available for download in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. To read these PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge at the Adobe Web Site.

If you wish to obtain a publication that is not available for download, or have any questions regarding GLERL publications, please contact:

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