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photo of lake channel from web cam

Real-Time Data

Real-time and near real-time data acquired from field and remote instruments, web cams and satellites, and products based on real-time or near real-time data.

bathymetry graphic

Physical Properties Data

Physical properties, characteristics, and measurements of the Great Lakes including topographic, cartographic, geomorphological, and hydrodynamic properties and measurements.

drawing depicting the hydrologic cycle

Hydrology & Hydraulics Data

Streamflow, channel flow, evaporation, water temperature, and other measurements of water quantity relative to the hydrologic cycle.

photo of instrument tower

Meteorology & Weather Data

Precipitation, air temperature, wind speed, and other weather data.

photo showing ice formation on lake

Ice & Snow Data

Ice and snow measurements on lakes and surrounding land areas.

photo of various Great Lakes biological specimens

Biological Data

Measured and modeled biological data sets acquired during field expeditions, from remote instruments, and laboratory studies.

photo of scientist with sampling equipment

Chemical & Sediments Data

Chemicals, toxics, nutrients, turbidity, and sediment transport data.

photo of large waves against lighthouse

Waves & Circulation Data

Waves, currents, and circulation of water within the lake.

photo of dry lake bottom

Lake Level Data

Historical and current Great Lakes water level data.