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Recent GLERL Publications:
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  • Lekki, J., G. LESHKEVICH, S.A. RUBERG, D. STUART, and A. VANDER WOUDE. et al. Airborne Hyperspectral Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes Region: System Calibration and Validation, From Photons to Algae Information: The Processes In-Between. NASA -Technical Memorandum NASA/TM—2017-219071. NASA, (2017).

Recent Presentations:
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  • VANDER WOUDE, A.J. Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie. AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, Ore., February 12-16, 2018 (2018).
  • VANDER WOUDE, A.J., S.A. RUBERG, T.H. JOHENGEN, and Z. Haslick. Airborne Hyperspectral and Satellite Imagery Use in the Great Lakes for Water Quality. SPatial LITeracy - SPLIT, Remote Sensing Workshop, Rremote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring, Bowling Green, OH, November 17 (2017).
  • DAVIS, T.W., M.D. ROWE, E.J. ANDERSON, A.J. VANDER WOUDE, T.H. JOHENGEN, S.A. RUBERG, R.P. STUMPF, and G. Doucette. Combining advanced technologies to develop an early warning system for HABs in western Lake Erie. IAGLR 2017, 60th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, Detroit, MI, May 15-19, 2017 (2017).
  • RUBERG, S.A., T.H. JOHENGEN, A.J. VANDER WOUDE, T. Moore, T.W. DAVIS, D.A. PALLADINO, R.J. MILLER, R.W. MUZZI, S.A. CONSTANT, and K. BEADLE. Emerging solutions supporting ecosystem research, monitoring, and forecasting. Lake Erie Millennium Network, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, February 21-23 (2017).
  • VANDER WOUDE, A.J., R.J. MILLER, T.H. JOHENGEN, and S.A. RUBERG. Variability in Lake Erie by Integrating Hyperspectral Imagery, AUV's and a Shipboard Underway System. IAGLR 2017, 60th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, Detroit, MI, May 15-19, 2017 (2017).

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