Andrea Vander Woude


Pre-GLERL Publications:
  • Powers, L., Werne, J., Vander Woude, A., Sinninghe Damste, J., Hopmans, E. and S. Schouten. 2010 Applicability and calibration of the TEX-86 paleothermometer in lakes. Organic Geochemistry 41 (4), pp. 404-413.
  • Kudela, RM, NS Banas, JA Barth, ER Frame, D Jay, JL Largier, EJ Lessard, TD Peterson, and A. Vander Woude. 2008. New insights into the controls and mechanisms of plankton productivity along the US West Coast. Oceanography, 21(4): 46-59
  • Vander Woude, A., Largier, J., and R. Kudela, 2007. Nearshore retention of upwelled waters north and south of Point Reyes (northern California) - Patterns of surface chlorophyll and temperature observed in CoOP WEST. Deep Sea Research II, volume 53, issue 25-26, pp.2985-2998, doi:10.1016/j.dsr2.2006.07.003.
  • Vander Woude, A. and R. Kudela. pCO2 concentrations in retentive embayments of northern California: Coastal Ocean Processes (CoOP) study on Wind Events and Shelf Transport (WEST). Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) newsletter, issue 6, Winter 2007.
  • Ryan, J., Chavez, F., Bellingham, J., Rienecker, E., Kudela, R., Vander Woude, A., Maffione, R., and A. Fischer, Environmental process in the Monterey Bay sanctuary, a synoptic of AVIRIS. AVIRIS earth science and applications workshop 2002, jet propulsion laboratory, Pasadena, CA, Spring 2002.
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