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Real-time Meteorological Observation Network Information Page

Objectives: Establish a network of real-time meteorological stations at exposed coastal sites around Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Erie
  • obtain observations (1-4x per hour) from these stations and make them available to NWS forecast offices and
    to the entire Great Lakes community in real-time through AWIPS/NOAAPORT
  • analyze the impact of the meteorological data obtained by this network on nowcasts and forecasts of waves and
    circulation in the Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System
  • demonstrate the feasibility of installing and maintaining a real-time meteorological network in the Great Lakes

NOAA/GLERL Met Obs Network
Station NWS ID Latitude Longitude Data Updates Date Est. WebCam Site
Milwaukee, WI MLWW3 43-02-44 N 87-52-44 W 12,27,42,57 20 Nov 2000 No 176.0m 12.2m 9.1m
Kenosha, WI* KNSW3 42-35-20 N 87-48-31 W  -  27 Apr 2001 No 176.0m 19.5m 16.2m
Chicago, IL CHII2 N/A N/A 08,23,38,53 03 Aug 2000 Yes 176.0m 25.9m 22.9m
Muskegon, MI MKGM4 43-13-36 N 86-20-20 W 03,13,23,33,43,53 14 Oct 1998 Yes 179.1m 24.4m 3.0m
Saugatuck, MI** SAUM4 42-40-30 N 86-13-00 W  -  11 Jul 2001 No 176.0m 12.2m 9.1m
South Haven, MI SVNM4 42-24-05 N 86-17-20 W 02,17,32,47 21 Sep 2004 Yes 176.0m 16.8m 13.7m
Michigan City, IN MCYI3 41-43-43 N 86-54-45 W 09,24,39,54 11 Jun 2002 Yes 176.0m 21.3m 18.3m
Alpena, MI*** APNM4 45-03-35 N 83-25-25 W 04,14,24,34,44,54 04 Oct 2001 Yes 177.5m 19.0m 15.0m
Thunder Bay Is, MI TBIM4 45-02-05 N 83-11-39 W 27,57 27 Sep 2012 Yes 175.9m 10.7m 6.1m
Toledo Light #2 THLO1 41-49-32 N 83-11-37 W 06,26,46 31 Aug 2004 Yes 173.5m 14.9m 14.0m
*Kenosha transferred to NWS, 30 Oct 2007 [see new site]
**Saugatuck permanently taken offline, 10 Jan 2004
***Alpena moved to current location, 27 Oct 2005

  • National Weather Service
  • USCG Group Milwaukee
  • USCG Aids to Navigation Team Kenosha
  • USCG Group Grand Haven
  • USCG Station Michigan City
  • Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and UnderwaterPreserve
  • ATON CG Group Muskegon, 9th USCG Group
  • State of Michigan Historic Preservation Office
  • and Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven
  • City of Chicago
  • City of Milwaukee
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station
  • UT Lake Erie Center
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