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Real-Time Meteorological Observation Network
South Haven, MI  (SVNM4)  42° 24´ 05" N,   86° 17´ 20" W

See Metadata File for full description of instruments and parameters, as well as site maps.
NOTICE: Feb 27, 2018. We have lost communications with this station due to equipment failure. We hope to make a site visit later this spring when weather and scheduling permit to assess and fix the issue.

NOTICE: Current Meteorological Conditions Not Available
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[South Haven, MI Webcam 1 is Down]
[South Haven, MI Webcam 2 is Down]
[South Haven, MI Webcam 3 is Down]
[South Haven, MI Webcam 4 is Down]
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These data are also available from NDBC website and NDBC's Dial-a-Buoy Program.
See also NWS Marine Forecast for this area, and NWS Recreational Beach Forecast

Realtime Data Disclaimer
Special thanks to Special thanks to ATON CG Group Muskegon, 9th USCG Group, State of Michigan
Historic Preservation Office, and the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven.

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