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Milwaukee, WI  (MLWW3)  43° 00´ 18" N,   87° 53´ 04" W

See Metadata File for full description of instruments and parameters, as well as site maps. See also rtmon status, webcam status
NOTICE: Oct 02, 2019. The MIL Met Station has a damaged solar controller/battery. Data will be spotty. We plan to make a site visit to resolve the problem as soon as weather and scheduling permit. Sorry for any inconvenience.

NOTICE: Current Meteorological Conditions Not Available
[Photo of Milwaukee, WI Met Station]
Note: There is no longer a Webcam at this site.
This image was taken during recent maintenance.

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Milwaukee Inner Harbor, courtesy of GLWI

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See also NWS Marine Forecast for this area, and NWS Recreational Beach Forecast

Realtime Data Disclaimer
Special thanks to the NWS Forecast Office Milwaukee and the USCG Group Milwaukee

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