NOAA GLERL and Affiliates

Ashley Elgin
Benthic ecology
Aquatic invasive species
Climate change
Dreissenid mussels

Reagan Errera
Harmful algal blooms
Phytoplankton community dynamics
Ocean acidification
Climate change statistics

Lauren M. Fry
Seasonal to interannual water supply forecasting
Water resources decision support

James Kessler
Ice Cover

Doran Mason
Nonindigenous species biology
Food web dynamics
Habitat-mediated interactions
Ecological modeling

Lacey Mason
Spatial analysis
Geographic information systems (GIS)
Remote sensing
Data science
Data management

Bryan Mroczka
Hydro-meteorological modeling
Radar meteorology
Sea-breeze convection
Lake effect snow prediction
Meteorological decision support services
Forensic meteorology

Steven Pothoven
Fish and macroinvertebrates ecology
Feeding ecology

Mark Rowe
Hydrodynamic Modelling
Biological Modelling

Steve Ruberg
Marine Instrumentation and Technology
Oceanographic Data Collection

Edward Rutherford
Fish population dynamics
Larval fish ecology
Bioenergetics modeling
Fisheries management

Craig Stow
Nutrient dynamics
Empirical modeling
Bayesian inference

Dan Titze
Aquatic ecosystems
Ecological modeling and forecasting

Andrea Vander Woude
Satellite remote sensing
Satellite algorithm development
Hyperspectral imaging and algorithm development
Biological oceanography

Jia Wang
Arctic and Great Lakes climate change studies
Coupled ice-ocean-ecosystems modeling
Development of data assimilation methods for ice-ocean ecosystems

David Wright
Meteorology, Atmospheric Modeling
Lake-Atmosphere Interactions
Data Assimilation

Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR)

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