Eric Anderson
Hydrodynamic modeling
Lake circulation and temperatures
Connecting channels - currents and levels
River plumes
Spill transport

Dmitry Beletsky
Hydrodynamic modeling

Philip Chu
Operational Coastal Forecasting Systems
Coupled Air-Ocean-Wave modeling Systems
Sediment Transport Modeling
Satellite Remote Sensing
Data Assimilation
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Timothy Davis
Phytoplankton ecology with a focus on cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms
Molecular biology
Phytoplankton/zooplankton interactions
Climate change
Winter Limnology

Ashley Baldridge Elgin
Benthic Ecology
Aquatic Invasive Species
Climate Change
Dreissenid Mussels

Drew Gronewold
Hydrologic modeling
Water supply forecasts
Uncertainty analysis
Probabilistic and Bayesian statistics

Nathan Hawley
Sediment transport
Hydrodynamics of suspended particulates

Tom Johengen
Nutrient chemistry

Donna Kashian
Visiting Scientist
Influence of global climate change on contaminants
Long term trends in benthic populations

George Leshkevich
Satellite remote sensing
Satellite product algorithm development
Freshwater ice, water quality
CoastWatch Great Lakes Program

Paul Liu
Scientist emeritus
Lake waves
Nearshore hydrodynamics
Shallow water wave dynamics
Ocean waves

Brent Lofgren
Regional climate modeling
Coupled hydrosphere - atmosphere modeling

Doran Mason
Nonindigenous species biology
Food web dynamics
Habitat-mediated interactions
Ecological modeling

Tom Nalepa
Scientist emeritus
Benthic invertebrates
Benthic nutrient cycle
Zebra mussels

Steven Pothoven
Fish and macroinvertebrates ecology
Feeding ecology

Mark Rowe
National Research Council Associate
Hydrodynamic Modelling
Biological Modelling

Steve Ruberg
Marine Instrumentation and Technology
Oceanographic Data Collection

Edward Rutherford
Fish Population Dynamics
Larval Fish Ecology
Bioenergetics Modeling
Fisheries Management

Craig Stow
Aquatic Ecosystems
Ecological Modeling and Forecasting

Henry Vanderploeg
Nonindigenous species invasion dynamics and ecosystem impacts
Spiny water fleas (Cercopagis and Bythotrephes)
Zebra and Quagga mussels

Jia Wang
Arctic and Great Lakes climate change studies
Coupled ice-ocean-ecosystems modeling
Development of data assimilation methods for ice-ocean ecosystems

Chuliang Xiao